The Quest and some brands using it.

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There are anywhere from 6 to 36 narrative plots. You’ll recognize all of them; Overcoming the Monster, The Quest, Rags to Riches, etc. According to Christopher Booker, there are seven basic plots:

Overcoming the Monster

Rags to Riches

The Quest

Voyage and Return




Story structure hasn’t changed much since we first started telling them around fires. Stories follow patterns. Everything from Star Wars to Finding Nemo to David and Goliath — all of these stories follow similar ups, downs, twists or triumphs.

The Matrix is “The Quest”

Or… why there’s no language for the future plus neologisms + Natural Language Understanding.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

The appearance of something new challenges our capacity for language. We’re lacking the vocabulary to describe a previously unknown thing or phenomena. We don’t have the words.

We add about a 1000 words to the English lexicon every year. These new words and phrases come from slang naturally, but also culture, business, religion, technology and science — all aspects of life. There are also thousands of words added in other languages around the world — but no one really knows the number for sure.

Modern text and AI frameworks.

“breathe” Hawthorne Blvd Portland, Ore

I was not a solid “A” student in high school English class — yes… it’s true. Nevertheless, I’ve been a fan and a natural student of my native tongue since about that time. Probably stemming from my father’s interest and also the 1980’s PBS series “The Story of English


Word adoption, new words and their meanings shift overtime

Lexical diversity are signals of significance to persons, groups and societies

Never-ending textual data is created daily

AI methodologies offer frameworks for unstructured data interpretation

— its available on Youtube too — highly recommended. Not to mention Bill Bryson’s pleasing Mother…

For more than 60 years, The Times editorial staff has gathered to map out the news and decide which stories would appear on the front page of the paper.

Today, while still called the Page One meeting, it has almost nothing to do with the printed newspaper.

Block Type installation at the New York Times

Print ruled for most of the The New York Times’ history, but in 2015 the organization underwent a significant shift in its editorial operations. Digital and mobile consumption had skyrocketed over the past decade and the bastion of hardcopy journalism recognized that the future was digital.

“It used to be that digital was…

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